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Corina Diehl’s Story

An animated personality, Corina lost her husband at an early age. Faced with a decision between liquidating a successful dealership in Butler, PA and raising a family or learning the business, running a dealership and raising her children, she elected the latter.

No one said it would be easy. In fact, some in the industry told her she would fail, while others hoped that she would. Today both her children are cornerstones in Diehl Automotive that spans 4 counties and two states. And it’s not over.

Corina can often be found pursuing other dealerships and business opportunities when most others would be content enjoying the fruits of their labor. That personality and drive has made her the Diehl Automotive “brand” which regularly airs on TV in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. And that’s where BAM fits in.

The Relationship

“Bill Berry and his team are always in contact with the stakeholders at Diehl”, offered Corina. “We’ve grown with them and they’ve grown with us.”

Corina is not shy about about voicing her opinions and how they’ve helped BAM shape the messaging that’s made Diehl a dominant Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM dealer in Western PA and beyond.

“Bill Berry gets it. He told me if I went to TV advertising, I’d be the brand. It was the right call.”

The Brand Resonates

After 10 years, that brand reaches out to lots of different people. But it often resonates most with women who respond to her messaging that includes services that help single moms, working moms, and stay at home moms.

“Yeah, women relate better to women and I’ve had a lot challenges many female customers have as well. They tell me it all the time. Balancing work with getting an oil change or service while making sure their kids are safe and have lunch or dinner.”