Paid Search and Display

If your product or service is in demand, you don’t want to be on Google Ads — you need to be. The value of paid search advertising has become a billion-dollar industry driver, and won’t slow down anytime soon.

According to Search Engine Land, 49% of people said they click on text ads, 31% on shopping ads, and 16% on video ads.

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We can help you find your audience where they’re looking for you — at any stage of the buying cycle. Our programs are built to target your audience, and include the appropriate measurement strategy to drive performance.

While Google claims that the average return on ad spend is 2:1, BAM’s programs deliver ROAS in the double digits, by integrating data across platforms to optimize to what really matters to your business.

As a Google Premier Partner, we have extensive experience in developing campaigns to help you achieve your goals. Our team builds out campaigns, utilizing the latest in automation, with just the right amount of elbow grease – lead generation, cross-platform, data-driven.

Our team produces unique search strategies that are specific to the industry vertical. Drop us a line today to see how we can help your company bring in more leads!

Search Engine Marketing For Your Business In Pittsburgh

“Pay Per Click” (PPC) gets it name from the fact that you’ll only pay if someone clicks.  PPC is a quick win in terms of driving immediate traffic to your site.  Depending on your site’s niche or industry, a paid search campaign can instantly boost customer inquiries and traffic overnight.

  • Managing a paid search campaign should be a full time job.  If your agency is not treating it as such, you are most likely not seeing the desired results.
  • Driving traffic to your site is simply not enough.  We aim to drive targeted search users to your site with the goal of lead generation in mind.
  • Daily and weekly optimization of which keywords produce conversion is priority number one.
  • Conversion is measured as a direct result of your paid search campaign.  Whether that be a phone call inquiry, contact form, or new customer acquisition.
  • All campaigns are goal driven with a heavy focus on ROI.
  • All of aspects of your campaign are trackable.  Every phone call is recorded.  Every keyword is logged.  Every lead is measured.

Let BAM Drive A Better Return On Ads For You