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The Challenge

smart72 had experience working with digital and traditional marketing outlets before, but never under one roof. That all changed when they hooked up with BAM in an effort to increase brand awareness and lead generation.

With BAM’s guidance, smart72 successfully implemented various marketing tactics to enhance brand awareness.

The collaboration with BAM allowed smart72 to consolidate their marketing efforts and create a comprehensive approach. By combining their expertise in both digital and traditional marketing, BAM brought together the best of both worlds, leveraging the power of online platforms and offline channels. This integrated strategy enabled smart72 to reach a wider audience and maximize their marketing impact.

They optimized their online presence through search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, ensuring their website appeared prominently in search engine results. In addition, Simultaneously, they continued to utilize traditional marketing channels such as print advertisements and direct mail campaigns to reach potential customers who might not be as active online.

Through data analysis of Analytics and Facebook advertising, BAM reached a growing segment of younger individuals who were becoming homeowners and office managers.

Site Builder Vs. Custom Website Design

smart72 had a functional website, but it was originally built using a simple site builder application. However, as they aimed to increase their business volume through local SEO strategies, attract high-quality traffic, and enhance the user experience, it became apparent that their website required a significant overhaul.

Recognizing the importance of local SEO tactics, smart72 understood that their website needed to rank higher in local search results to capture the attention of potential customers in their target area. The existing site builder application lacked the advanced features and optimization capabilities necessary to achieve this goal. Therefore, a re-work of the website became essential to implement effective local SEO techniques and improve their online visibility within the local market.

Moreover, smart72 aimed to drive more quality traffic to their website. By upgrading their website, they sought to create a more engaging and user-friendly experience that would resonate with their target audience. The simple site builder application did not offer the level of customization and functionality required to meet their objectives. Therefore, a comprehensive revamp of the website was necessary to enhance its aesthetics, functionality, and overall user experience.

By investing in the re-work of their website, smart72 embarked on a journey to optimize their online presence, attract relevant local traffic, and provide an improved user experience. Through this transformation, they aimed to position themselves as a reputable and reliable HVAC company within their local market. The revamp not only addressed the shortcomings of their original website but also aligned their online presence with their broader marketing goals, ensuring that smart72 could effectively compete and thrive in the digital landscape.

BAM implemented a targeted social media campaign, engaging with potential customers and creating a community around the smart72 brand.

BAM is what you want to grow your business to the next level in digital marketing in the home services industry. With a stronger website and digital presence overall, I feel like we’re able to compete and win against some of our biggest competitors.

– Jason DeVries, Owner

A Modern Digital HVAC Outfit

By partnering with BAM, smart72 was able to leverage their expertise in various digital marketing channels, including social media, local SEO, and PPC marketing. This collaboration played a crucial role in achieving the significant boost in brand awareness and lead generation that smart72 experienced.

By consistently sharing relevant content, engaging with followers, and fostering a sense of community, BAM helped smart72 build brand loyalty and establish themselves as a trusted resource in the HVAC industry.

In addition to social media, BAM focused on optimizing smart72’s local SEO strategy. They conducted extensive research on the local market, identifying relevant keywords and phrases that potential customers were using to search for HVAC services in their area. BAM then implemented these keywords throughout smart72’s website content, meta tags, and local business listings, helping them rank higher in local search results. This increased visibility in local searches significantly enhanced smart72’s chances of capturing qualified leads from their target geographic area.

Furthermore, BAM devised and managed a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing campaign for smart72. Through careful keyword selection, ad creation, and bid management, BAM ensured that smart72’s advertisements appeared prominently on search engine results pages. This highly targeted approach allowed smart72 to capture the attention of potential customers actively seeking HVAC services, resulting in a steady flow of qualified leads.

The combined efforts of BAM in social media, local SEO, and PPC marketing were instrumental in smart72’s success. Their integrated marketing approach ensured that smart72’s brand message reached a wider audience, engaged with potential customers on various online platforms, and positioned smart72 as a prominent player in the HVAC industry. This cohesive and well-executed strategy exemplified the power of digital marketing in today’s business landscape, proving that an integrated approach can deliver remarkable results for businesses like smart72.