3-Year Revenue Growth
Annual Web Lead Growth
Annual Web Traffic Growth

The Challenge

Johnathan Wintersteller, a veteran of the home service industry with over 30+ years of experience, decided to establish his own business—Same Day Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. For BAM Advertising, the challenge was significant, building an entire brand from scratch is a complex and multifaceted undertaking that involves substantial research, strategic planning, creative ideation, and seamless execution.

Additionally, moving into a fair-weather market with plenty of competition like San Diego presented its own challenges. To gain market share, Same Day was going to have to showcase a memorable brand with the right message — that it provides affordable and reliable services to as many as possible — as early as possible in the buying process — in order to drum up reviews, referrals, and new business


BAM’s Strategy & Execution

BAM Advertising adopted a comprehensive digital & traditional media strategy to build the Same Day brand.

  • The process commenced with extensive research and discovery to ensure that the brand aligned with Wintersteller’s vision for the company while generating leads and subsequent revenue.
  • The BAM team collaborated closely with Wintersteller to pinpoint the target audience in San Diego. This critical information helped define the brand’s purpose, position, personality, and voice.
  • BAM’s expertise in PPC advertising allowed lead generation to take off swiftly after the brand launched.
  • We created a website with a proven UX design for lead generation that showcases Same Day’s brand and value proposition, optimized for SEO.
  • Launched a content marketing programing through blogs and email marketing to build an audience and capture inbound leads.

“As the agency of record for what has now become one of the fastest-growing home services companies in California, I can confidently say our growth would not have been possible without BAM Advertising & Marketing. They helped create and grow our brand while masterfully spearheading lead generation initiatives, which set us apart in a highly competitive market.” 

– Jonathan Wintersteller, President
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Building A Brand

While HVAC companies can seem difficult to stand out in a crowd, we all wanted something that reflected the values of the city. The best place to start is the military presence in the area. There is a lot of respect for veterans who serve, and many officers, retirees, and families of servicemen live in the area. While a red/white/blue color concept is hardly unique, creating something that aligned with stars and stripes, given that no other local company had something of this nature, was decided upon.

Brand Message Platform

Through intense research into the market and competitors, BAM came up with a message platform for Same Day.

Owned Media – Website Development

BAM took its learnings from past website development projects for HVAC and applied them to a new template. The site features useful tools developed in-house at BAM, including a DIY HVAC diagnostic tool, a BTU calculator for air conditioning, and an AFUE rating calculator for furnaces.

Email Marketing & Social Media

BAM developed an email marketing program, developing lead magnets and value-added incentives such as filter change and maintenance reminders.

Social media advertising & posts:

HVAC Advertisement for Social media 3 - Employee Advertising

Paid Media Strategy

BAM developed a comprehensive paid media strategy around search engine marketing, with further investments in brand reach on social media. The efforts paid off, and within a few years, we were able to further penetrate the market with TV advertising on both cable and OTT.

Organic Website Growth

For organic traffic and lead growth, difference in just one month in the busy season from 2022 to 2023 was staggering:

As of January 2024, Same Day Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing is one of the fastest growing home service companies in the San Diego metropolitan area. It has experienced more than 100% revenue growth in three years, and most recently opened up a second location in Northern California. Additionally, the company was named to the Inc. 5000 Pacific Regional List of Fastest Growing Companies.