Content Marketing

At BAM, content marketing starts with the strategy. While most companies are built on execution, we build a strategy and plan through research and discovery. We understand this takes extra time. But so did building your unique business.

Content Strategy and Methodologies

BAM takes a collaborative approach in crafting your content strategy. The more we can work together, the better and more cohesive the execution. Our primary focus in building a strategy is editorial and experience.


  • We will create a content strategy statement that aligns with your business goals and target audience
  • Focus on your strengths and gear your content toward this
  • Workshop ideas to help you stand out with a unique value proposition
  • Give your brand a point of view. Personify it and ask, what does it believe in?


  • Content audits and inventories
  • Google Analytics reports
  • Usability testing for websites and product if research appetite allows
  • Editorial style guides
  • Persona analysis and customer segmentation
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Establishing content formatting requirements and design standards

Content Planning and Management

The beginning and the end of any content management plan may be difficult to start with. BAM understands documentation is necessary, but being too rigid or flexible with planning can lead to botched implementation. We work hard in our planning to define proper workflows, simplify, and leave room for improvisation. This includes:

  • Setting clear but flexible objectives
  • Establishing quantitative goals as Key Performance Indicators
  • Using KPI to inform audience segmentation
  • Prioritizing ideas and tasks according to value (business impact + customer needs) and effort (value +effort)
  • A full-scale maintenance and monthly/quarterly digital reporting plan
  • One annual website audit to analyze high level strategic issues

Copywriting – For Digital & Print

For better or worse, the execution of writing a good headline has become lost in the digital world, due to the ability to test multiple ads with multiple targets. But the research never changes — there’s simply new and improving ways to find what people love and make any piece of copy appeal to their self-interest. We have expertise copywriting for a number of channels and platforms, including

  • Blogs
  • UX/Websites
  • Email
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Print
  • Radio Scripts
  • Television

Websites and User Experience

A great user experience is seamless and intuitive. Everyone wants to create beautiful websites you see on the awards pages.

While we admittedly use these pages for inspiration and have taken some great concepts from them, your business wants a site that combines a clean (but unique look) with an emphasis on utility first.

The best website experience is an easy one. Often times, the shorter time the user spends on your website, the better. With BAM’s smart combination of organizational, customer, and competitive research, we condense your ideal site experience into key scenarios that lead them to your site and help them find what they are looking for. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Customer interviews
  • Making recommendations based on Google Analytics and content audits
  • Surveys and quizzes
  • Interviewing stakeholders, sales reps and subject matter experts
  • Establishing/reviewing current buyer personas and sales funnels
  • Review of written and visual elements to ensure site content reflects brand guidelines
  • SEO audits — on-page, technical, link-building and ongoing strategies
  • Creating and solidifying success metrics and establishing a “review and report” schedule

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the quickest, most efficient ways to grow your customer base. With a dedicated email list, you’ll always know where your most important prospects are — from leads further down the funnel to current customers who are evangelists of your brand.

Paid Search and Display

If your product or service is in demand, you don’t want to be on Google Ads — you need to be. The value of paid search advertising has become a billion-dollar industry driver, and won’t slow down anytime soon.

According to Search Engine Land, 49% of people said they click on text ads, 31% on shopping ads, and 16% on video ads.

We can help you find your audience where they’re looking for you — at any stage of the buying cycle. The most valuable aspect of Google Ads is targeting the keywords based on your desired audience’s intent.

Social Media

Social media never stands alone — we always use it in conjunction with other platforms such as email, websites, and display ads. The Facebook pixel and ability to collect custom audiences, even from simply reaching an audience with video views, can help your bottom line indirectly, and drive site traffic, leads, and sales. Our social media services include:

  • Complete oversight of your brand on its organic social media channels
  • Strategy and planning
  • Content creation (copywriting, images/artwork, design)
  • Audience collection, segmentation and customization
  • Consumer engagement and community management
  • A/B testing and ad optimization
  • Influencer management
  • Direct client communication

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