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Rebranding The Right Way

AnswerLive had great sales, but lacked a solid digital presence. They needed a quick rebrand on a shoestring budget.

With limited budget for user research but the information that customers were looking for an answering service due to business process issues, we sought to understand what users were looking for first — industry (answering service + industry) or service (bi-lingual, 24-hours, ect.).

Highlights of the strategy adopted:

  • Narrow target customer focus to small business
  • Create something more visually appealing and clean
  • Provide information content to buyers in the consideration phase
  • Develop a better understanding of what potential low-funnel buyers are looking for
AnswerLive recognized the importance of creating a visually appealing and clean brand image. Through a redesigned logo, website, and other marketing materials, the company aimed to establish a fresh and professional visual identity that would resonate with its target audience.

Focused Messaging & UX Writing For Answering Service Customers

A company for everyone is a company for no one.

Sure, AnswerLive had more than 30 years of experience servicing a multitude of organizations — even companies that were considered enterprise level. But their most reliable leads were coming from small businesses looking for help in customer service support.

BAM created a new logo with the “Spark Your Customer Service” tagline, based on the bolt sequence within the logo.

To enhance the rebranding efforts, AnswerLive made a conscious effort to provide informative content to potential buyers in the consideration phase.

“You guys are great! Our sales have increased since we started developing our websites, content marketing, social media and Google Ads with BAM.”

– Jane Dorosh, Operations Manager

Creating Persuasive Content For Digital

Not to reinvent the wheel (particularly on a small budget) the copy needed to be quick and snappy, yet optimized for SEO and show the best value AnswerLive had to offer.

  • Short sentences
  • Active voice
  • Phrases that start with the objective
  • Optimized for voice search

To go along with a new pricing landing page designed to convert prospects to leads, BAM did competitive research to create a grid showing their pricing versus some of the top competitors.

This information would enable AnswerLive to further refine its offerings and messaging to better meet the needs of these potential customers, ultimately increasing its conversion rates.