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The Challenge For HVAC & Plumbing Marketing:

Moore Solar / Heating / Cooling (now Moore Home Services) was founded in 2010 by Jon Diamond and Curtis Moore, who had a different idea about how the HVAC industry should work. Instead of focusing on tune-ups to drive business, which is the industry norm, they focused on providing empathy and education to homeowners with heating and air troubles, while focusing their efforts on replacement and installation — “estimates. The model built Moore into a major player in the Santa Rosa Region quickly — the company had been on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies four times when BAM came to them with some fresh ideas to take their brand messaging to the next level with a new integrated media and digital marketing program.

By carefully selecting relevant keywords and optimizing ad campaigns, BAM was able to target potential customers who were actively searching for home comfort solutions, ultimately driving qualified leads to the company.

Creating A Customer Experience That Aligns With Company Goals

BAM’s research team conducted organizational, competitive and local audience research to determine an appropriate target audience and engineered a customer journey with the end goal for estimates instead of tune-ups.

We created a website optimized for search, centered around generating leads, while placing the value of repair and research in consumer hands with customized widgets for DIY repair, energy savings and BTU calculators and an optimized resource center. BAM also created new brand logos to further establish the Moore brand as a trustworthy resource in solar, DIY Repair, and financing.

Furthermore, we showcased the personality of the brand on Moore’s organic Facebook page and brand awareness and repair ads on the display and Facebook advertisements. We built an organic email list for a new quarterly e-newsletter, branded around all aspects of home comfort. BAM also created a paid search program to drive bottom-funnel leads.

Through extensive research, website optimization, brand awareness campaigns, email marketing, and paid search initiatives, BAM successfully positioned Moore as a reputable resource in the home comfort industry

“The website was awesome, and brought in more leads than we had ever seen from a digital perspective. BAM helped our company grow to two locations while also maintaining our place on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies.”

– Curtis Moore, Owner
BAM helped develop customized widgets to drive more customer engagement.

Integrated Digital With Traditional Media

BAM’s billboard and TV advertising campaign gave Moore a personality it never had before, helping to drive more interest in the brand.

Additionally, we created a structured digital content plan from ideation to execution to reporting in Google Data Studio, established a brand style guide, key messaging and structured a sales funnel.