Why You Can’t Do Social Media Marketing On Your Own

**OK–This is a lie!***

Of course you CAN. But for a small to medium-sized business, creating engaging content for your audience on a consistent basis becomes tedious. Many companies try to haul the load themselves, but get busy with more pressing matters — sales, operations, management.

Remember — consistency is key.

But I Already Know How…

It’s easy to be tricked into believing social media can be managed by anyone in your company. If you’re an average consumer, you already know how to use the platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. Billions of users are on social media every day. Sharing their stories, offering opinions, and using their voice to power.

While its easy in theory to manage a social media business page, you may find yourself in need of customization and support. Furthermore, we have years of experience building Facebook and Instagram advertising to build your brand and drive sales.

Our Social Media Services Include:

  • Complete oversight of your brand on its organic social media channels
  • Strategy and planning
  • Content creation (copywriting, images/artwork, design)
  • Audience collection, segmentation and customization
  • Consumer engagement and community management
  • A/B testing and ad optimization
  • Influencer management
  • Direct client communication

You Can Use Social Media For More Than Customer Engagement

One thing social media advertising offers that print or other mediums do not is the opportunity to make mistakes.

In fact, you’re expected to serve audiences that may not be interested in your offering, with creative that may not work. You can use social media as a fertile testing ground to see which demographics are engaging in your different pieces of creative — and then pick the one that works and use the creative and target demographics to inform your broader marketing strategy.

Social Media Is Only Part Of Your Strategy…

Social media never stands alone — we always use it in conjunction with other platforms such as email, websites, and display ads. The Facebook pixel and ability to collect custom audiences, even from simply reaching an audience with video views, can help your bottom line indirectly, and drive site traffic, leads, and sales.

As always, BAM Advertising & Marketing will gather a complete view of your social media channel landscape, create new ideas, and work with you to create a publishing schedule that fits your business needs. We also offer comprehensive reporting and a full suite of creative — so whether it’s a simple contest or video promotion, we have you covered.

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