Culligan Water is the world leader in water treatment, and one of BAM’s legacy customers. The company has over 600 dealers in the U.S. and Canada and sells products in more than 90 countries. They use a local franchise model to leverage their local water expertise, as municipal and well conditions can vary from town to town.


Water Treatment


Franchise Lead Generation


U.S. and Canada

Digital Transformation:

Culligan dealerships started to invest in digital marketing – Google Ads and other performance marketing, blogs, social media outreach, and email. The results have shown that an old brand can successfully transition with its core audience, while nurturing an emerging audience that is increasingly spending time on digital channels.

New Digital Assets

Culligan dealers were in need of a digital tune-up. The brand has run numerous national and local campaigns with BAM standing behind it. As Culligan started to pivot away from the old “Culligan Man” advertising persona in early 2017, we built updated digital and traditional media assets to run through new media avenues such as over-the-top (Hulu and other streaming services) and in-app advertising such as Spotify and Pandora to reach emerging audiences.

New and Emerging Audiences Engaged

Culligan was well known by its core audience as a bottled water and water softener dealer — but data from Analytics and Facebook advertising showed emerging group of younger people were becoming homeowners and office managers. This gave Culligan an opportunity to reach a new audience on emerging channels with new messaging about the benefits of healthy drinking water to an audience that is more self aware of the issues the water treatment brand is capable of solving.

Integrate With Traditional Media

BAM’s billboard and TV advertising campaign gave Culligan a personality it never had before, helping to drive more interest in the brand.

The outcome

Revenue Growth Over 5 Years To Local Dealerships


Increase in Paid Search Leads Year/Year from 2019 to 2020


Tracked Leads Per Month

Hear From Steve Webb, President / Owner, Culligan Mid-Atlantic

“BAM’s integration of digital and traditional media for Culligan dealerships has been the catalyst for consistent growth. I recently bought exclusive rights to our dealership and we’ve enjoyed record months, every month, in 2020! I’ve worked in the water treatment industry for over 35 years and they know our business too. We have personal relationships with many people at the agency which streamlines communication and also makes it fun. BAM is NOT a vendor. From search to sale, they’re part of our team. They focus on lead generation and we focus on sales and operations. The results speak for themselves.”