Certified Solar, Heating & Air Conditioning is a family-owned and operated HVAC company in Concord, California. After years of steady growth, the company wanted to take its brand to the next level digitally. They had a clunky website and no presence on paid channels.


Home Services


Brand Alignment & SEO


Bay Area / Concord, Ca.

A New Website Needed

Certified needed a website that could leverage its home and service level pages to persuade users actively seeking HVAC services to call or submit a form to schedule an appointment. But it also needed to highlight its deals and financing/rebate offers.

The existing website had no story to tell customers who Certified really was, and put a face to the name. The company serves the entire East Bay Area, and was missing valuable local SEO keywords without proper location pages. Along with blogs and other educational resources, BAM create a more robust brand and provided an easier way for the site to be found on local search.

Established Email Marketing

BAM also wanted to start the foundation for building an email list, with the option to subscribe to an e-newsletter. While finding results in brand and leads is typically slow to start with email marketing, the team started with an existing customer list and used an opt-in strategy to provide a solid base of 200+ emails.


Certified Heating & Air Conditioning experienced 20% revenue growth from 2019 thru 2021. In addition, their organic traffic more than doubled on account of BAM’s content marketing efforts.

The outcome

Increase in revenue


Increase in jobs


Increase in organic traffic