After a few years of steady growth, Jason Devries of smart72 (aptly named after the ideal temperature of your home) liked his brand, but thought it was time for to expand its horizons into uncharted digital territory. With a website that was not ready for a re-design but a much needed facelift, and a better digital strategy overall, he asked BAM to get him on the right track.


Home Services


Brand Reach & Lead Generation


Central Coast / San Luis Obispo, Ca.

The Challenge:

smart72 had experience working with digital and traditional marketing outlets before, but never under one roof. That all changed when they hooked up with BAM in an effort to increase brand awareness and lead generation.

Site Builder versus Custom Design:

Though smart72’s site was functional, it was built on a simple site builder application and was in need of a re-work in an effort to increase volume via local SEO tactics, more quality traffic, and a better user experience.

The Solution:

BAM is able to work with developers on custom creations, however, we also can work within the structure of your existing site builder to create upgrades in the short-term. After one year of building up smart72’s digital profile in other areas such as paid & local search and social media, BAM made good on its promise to build a new website when budget allowed.

The outcome

New locations opened


increase in organic traffic


more form submissions

Hear From Jason DeVries, Owner

BAM is what you want to grow your business to the next level in digital marketing in the home services industry. With a stronger website and digital presence overall, I feel like we’re able to compete and win against some of our biggest competitors.