This Methodology Might Be Missing From Your Social Media Plan

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“Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan.”

– Margaret Thatcher

So you know that some sort of planning is needed in social media — as it is in most forms of marketing.

When running business’s accounts, we advise monthly calendars, many edits, and countless hours of research and scheduling strategically.

It’s Like Christmas…Every Month

It’s that time in the month where we start to plan next month’s content calendar. This time is like Christmas every month…crazy! We spend hours researching trends, thinking of themes, and coming up with captions and images.

It’s a good idea to have a plan of your captions and what picture goes with those captions — but we’re talking about a visual plan. What is the flow to your Facebook calendar? What does the client want on their page? This is important, because when someone clicks on your account, they are looking at your profile and getting their first (and perhaps only) impression of your company.

You’re My Best Friend 🙂

An Example of A Social Media Calendar (credit: Small Business Trends)

Since getting into this career I have made a new best friend — content calendars! I breathe, sleep, and live off of these monthly. If I told you I didn’t think about these when going to bed at night I would be lying.

These allow me to make sure each account never have similar topics and pictures back to back, never have two busy photos back to back, and never have the same perspective back to back.

When looking at one of these it might seem like a lot to take in — but trust me — it will make a world of difference for your brand. I truly believe that putting this much detail into your social media will make your page stand out and bring your business through social media.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive To Your Community

Last but not least, planning for those reviews and comments on these posts is paramount. It is best practice to respond to every review and comment whether it is positive or negative.

How do you plan for something before it even happens? Have an established plan and workflow on what to do if a negative comment or review comes in.

Will you email the client and ask for feedback? Have a generic response approved by the client for all comments and reviews? Whatever it may be, it is good to have some idea what to do when this happens so you can answer in a timely manner with the respect the client wants to show.