OTT Explained. And Why It Should Be In Your Media Plans

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With the continuous advancement in technology, the way Americans view their content is adapting.  Over The Top allows your brand to serve up premium video advertisements on the viewers demand.  

Over 90% of consumers own a smart device:  Smart TV’s, mobile phones, tablets and computers.  On those devices, over 20 hours per week will be spent streaming content by the most sought after audiences.  Your brand could catch those eyeballs by advertising with OTT.

Customized Placements

Over the Top platforms have the ability to place your video advertisement within long format premium streaming content.   When people sit down to view, they are unable to skip the ad to continue watching their show, ensuring an engaged audience.  Several OTT platforms will push to include short format within the campaign to bring the cost per impression down.  This brings down your video completion rate and is not giving your brand the true OTT ad experience.  BAM’s integrated media plans place the shorter duration campaigns through YouTube, with a lower CPM.    

Focused Targeting

90% of ad-supported OTT viewers say the ads served to them are better, more relevant and engaging than the ones they have seen on linear TV. 

This is due to the targets placed to zero in on your demographic.  Depending on your reach, the campaign can be set to run nationally, by DMA or geo-targeted down to the zip code for localized small business.  

Each campaign is set to run to your brands demographic – whether you are trying to reach Females 35-64, Males 18+ or Adults 25-54, the platform serves your ad to your potential customer. Lastly, using third party data, we choose from thousands of behavioral targets to ensure we are reaching consumers most likely to purchase your product or service.

Accurate Reporting

Like all digital advertising, reporting is key for OTT campaigns.  The best platforms will allow for transparent real time reporting.  The most important metric in the report is the Video Completion Rate

While BAM only places non-skippable ads, a consumer is able to exit the program.  Your completion rate should be no lower than 90%.  BAM’s OTT campaigns are typically between 95-98% (IAB: Ad Receptivity and The Ad-Supported OTT Viewer).  We can also evaluate the amount of ads served on each type of smart device. BAM recommends that most ads are delivered on a Smart TV, as consumers tend to be more engaged while watching on the larger screen. 

Real time reporting helps your agency to ensure an even delivery throughout the planned flight.  An even flight ensures the right reach and frequency delivered over time. 

For The Brand

OTT campaigns place a heavy focus on brand awareness to an increasingly large demographic that cable TV can not capture. Younger audiences, in particular, are choosing alternatives to traditional cable.

Devices are also expanding their entry into the streaming market, making it easier than ever to cut the cord. It’s not just smart TV’s anymore. Streaming devices and video game consoles are carrying more options than ever as competition for market share remains white hot. Likewise, mobile, desktop and tablets all provide better viewing experiences than just a few years ago, and should continue to do so for the same reason.

The number of offerings in streaming options, as well as superior technology providing for a better product experience, will only create more opportunity for OTT as the number of users continues to skyrocket.

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