BAM + HGTV – Scaling Local Franchise Lead Generation Emails On The National Level

Posted by William Berry on
William Berry is the Director of Agency Services at BAM. He ensures clients have the necessary tools, programs, and BAM teams in place to maximize their advertising expenses to drive revenue in extremely competitive environments.
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When Culligan International partnered with HGTV for the Urban Oasis Sweepstakes, a unique challenge presented itself. How does a system handle more than 100,000 unqualified marketing contacts across an international franchise system? Enter BAM!

Just 6 months prior, Culligan participated in HGTV’s Fantasy Kitchen giveaway. Included in Culligan’s sponsorship of the giveaway were thousands of marketing leads generated from user submission via the giveaway.

Sounds great, right?

It turns out flooding your franchise network with tens of thousands of unqualified, upper funnel contacts disguised as leads isn’t a recipe for success. 

To ensure a successful campaign on the second go-round, Culligan enlisted BAM to qualify opt-in contacts via email nurture campaigns to generate real appointments and revenue for its local dealers.

The BAM team launched custom nurture email paths built on consumer intent to funnel cold contacts into real sales opportunities for the franchise network.

Utilizing BAM’s proprietary lead nurturing email platform, the BAM LeadTracker, BAM was able to process 105,000 marketing opt-ins, create more than 300,000 email touchpoints, and send thousands of qualified leads to the dealer network.

The end result? Tens of thousands of revenue generated for dealers across the system from added value, low-intent marketing contacts.

Custom lead generation solutions designed to generate revenue for business small and large across the country – that’s the BAM way.

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